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 Game History and the Aim of the game

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PostSubject: Game History and the Aim of the game   Game History and the Aim of the game Icon_minitimeMon Jun 15, 2015 12:00 pm

The era is set in a stereo-typical, medieval age --- Across the five Kingdoms of Elencia, a new dawn awakens to send the world into turmoil.

Karlak - God of DARKNESS
Selene - God of LIGHT

Which one will you ultimately follow?


An old prophet once said, that chaos would once again reign over the world of man, and with evil's rebirth, would come a terrible darkness, which would consume the world of Elencia whole... As for when this event was to befall the land and all who lived on it, he did not know.

The kings of old laughed at the thought, and didn't believe the old prophet... They said he was a crazy old beggar who had been driven into madness from all the pipe-weed he had been smoking.
The joke was on them though in the end.... Little did they know, he was telling the truth, and to their foolishness, arrogance, and jest, they soon fell to the darkness and eventually destroyed each other whilst caught in the grand battle for dominance over mankind, which raged on for many years to follow.

Both Selene and Karlack were gathering their power across the lands, and one fateful day, their paths met on the battlefield.... Face to face with each other under the stars, they stood ready to settle the war of good and evil, forever.

Karlack lead his forces confidently, and charged headstrong into the defensive wall that Selene had prepared for him... His temper and arrogance gaining the better of his actions, yes... but none could argue with his power, and his ability to strike down men as if they were made of soft clay.
At some point though, when neither side could gain an advantage, it looked to be as if the war would rage for eternity... Demons and Angels were summoned forth to bolster the troops in the air and on the ground who were fighting, but still neither side grew weary, and gave an inch in battle, despite the hundreds of souls already lost from the near constant fighting.

Powerful and deadly storms of various elements, were summoned to the field, to rain down balls of fire, shards of ice, and piercing lightning bolts onto both armies,
Karlack called upon earthquakes to tear the ground asunder at the feet of his enemies, and catch the unfortunate souls within them... Swallowing them in an instant, and encasing them in their new earthen tombs.
Tornadoes created by Selene, threw Karlacks troops high into the air, and ragged them around like they were nothing, before finally releasing them and letting them plummet back down to the ground.
Torrential rain made the ground soft and slippery, causing many troops to stagger and fall.... Siege machines had a hard time moving too, and sank into the thick muddy ground.

The scene looked hopeless for either side, and a stalemate that would seem to be endless, was quickly approaching.... but, from out of nowhere, the general of light, lead a flanking maneuver around the main forces of Karlack, and she managed to get within throwing weapon distance of him, before the dark god even realized she had moved around him.

From that moment, the key point in the battle took place, and as Karlack turned to face Selene, she raised her sword and threw it at him with all her might.... the "Sword of Justice"... quickly turned into a thunder-bolt and pierced the body of Karlack, but it didn't kill him instantly as she had hoped, and had already returned to it's solid form shortly after impact with the dark generals chest plate.

Enraged now, Karlack bellowed out like a thunder-clap, he charged at Selene with a battle cry that would piece the hearts of any mortal... He quickly overpowered the five guards who were with her, pummeling them deep into the ground with one mighty blow, and then slammed his Warhammer down onto her head..... destroying her corporeal form in one strike.... she could no longer sustain her summoned army, as she turned to a spirit form.

Karlack laughed at the crumpled body of Selene, as he overshadowed her, thinking it was over and that he had won the war... but then within a moments notice, Selene's sword which was still protruding from Karlack's body, ignited and quickly exploded into a huge starburst, destroying the corporeal form of the dark god also.... but as for his entity, no, it was merely wounded to a point he could not sustain his army any longer either.
All the remaining angels and demons were sent back to where they came from in an instant, as both the gods clashed in their spirit forms in the sky, both defeating each other and disappearing into nothingness after a spectacle of white and purple lights flashed brightly across the night sky.

Both gods were defeated that day.... and all mortals who were left alive, stopped fighting each other, threw down their weapons, and stood in disbelief as they watched the two gods battle it out to their deaths.... and with no need to fight anymore, they just....stopped, and left the field of battle... presumably to go live out their lives, and over time, form the different kingdoms of Elencia into what they are to this day.... nobody really knows what happened to the mortals who fought that fateful day, and survived, as very few who took part for either side, dare to even mention it in the years that followed.

Fifty difficult years soon passed though, and with the exception of a few stupid lords forging armies for power, greed, and land ownership, the realm of man remained dormant of gods.... As time went by, people forgot about the great battle, and lived their lives as normal, day to day, not really caring for much except prosperity... but recently, in the last two years, things have taken a turn for the worse.... as new kings arise to the throne.

In a two year old dig site, a shard of what was to be believed as part of the old god Karlack, was found by geologists who were excavating around the vast battlefield.

A few followers of Selene formed a church upon hearing news of the shard finding, to help lead the people into prosperity and to seal away evil forever... The church was then made public to all who would care to know of their ideals, their history, and they opened their doors to whoever wished to join them.
As for Karlack, people believed that they were better off without him, and eventually, forgot about him, and soon ALL people of Elencia and all it's Kingdoms, followed Selene, and agreed to her worship only.... despite what their personal history may have been at the time.

The church quickly sent out runners, and finally gathered all the pieces of Karlack's body over a long period of six months... Upon gathering them all, they quickly decided to hide them all, and hid them in old temples which were scattered across the land, placing each shard under guardianship of a nearby town built near to all the temples.
Each piece of Karlack was sealed off with a sealing ceremony, and were placed behind securely locked huge stone doors, which were called "Gates of Darkness".... and they would NEVER be opened again.... but something is stirring, and so the struggle against pure darkness returns to the Kingdoms of Elencia.

Scholars of history, soon came to a conclusion... Selene was defeated and killed during the great battle, but Karlack was only defeated, and not destroyed fully.... and now he was back, growing in power again, still unable to take his corporeal form until all of his body shards have been found and re-united.... and some would like to see this happen, others would not.


Present day:

Five centuries have now passed, since the day that the war between Selene and Karlack, ended.
The Dark Age is over, or so it seems, and many places throughout the kingdoms are still trying to rebuild their lives... but darkness only sleeps for so long.


The aim of the game:

Collect ALL FIVE body pieces of the dark god, and decide to rebirth or kill Karlack.
Once all the pieces of Karlack are collected, the players can then decide the fate of Elencia, once and for all.

Game History and the Aim of the game Pbucket
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Game History and the Aim of the game
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